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Strategic Planning

You are introducing new products or services, but need help positioning and communicating their value. Our focus in developing sales enablement, go-to-market and communication programs, incorporating relevant content marketing and social media tactics.

We provide services to help you take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level. From market assessments and competitive analysis, product launches and sales enablement programs, we deliver analysis, recommendations, content and tactical plans to accelerate your go-to-market programs. Our specialty is developing programs positioning your products and solutions for vertical industries.

MAD Perspectives works with you to define a strategy that is in alignment with your goals. We collaborate with you to:

  • Align organizational goals
  • Identify and capitalize upon market opportunities
  • Create content strategies for internal and external communication
  • Enable sales teams with relevant collateral for all stages of the sales cycle
  • Develop and manage joint-go-to-market strategies with strategic business partners
  • Define solutions to address defined market needs 


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