MAD Perspectives has a thorough understanding of viral marketing and online social networking tools."

Christy Burke
Burke & Company LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1How did you come up with the name MAD Perspectives?Company
2How do the workshops work?Company
3What groups or department are involved or impacted by implementation of media solutions?Customers
4What is a blog?Social Media Solutions
5What is a digital media solution?Company
6What is a web conference?Rich Media Solutions
7What is a webcast?Rich Media Solutions
8What is a webinar?Rich Media Solutions
9What is a widget?Social Media Solutions
10What is a wiki?Social Media Solutions
11What is an online video platform?No Category
12What is podcasting?Multiple
13What is social media?No Category
14What is telepresence?Rich Media Solutions
15What is video conferencing?Rich Media Solutions