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Peggy's deep and concrete knowledge of digital media solutions is wonderfully complemented by the depth of her industry relationships and strategic partnerships."

Molly Connolly
Worldwide Industry Marketing Manager
Hewlett-Packard Company

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Case Studies & Whitepapers

Social TV - The Second Screen Driving Audience Engagement

A whitepaper discussing the evolution of second screen activity and its impact on audience engagement with TV programming.

Social Media at Compuware

Compuware's digital media strategy is led by Eric Kushner, Director Marketing Strategy. Eric's background in marketing and PR for start-ups and enterprise-class clients uniquely positions him to develop and drive a fully integrated marketing strategy for Compuware. Employee empowerment and marketing integration are at the core of Compuware's social media strategy....Given their culture of empowerment, collaboration and fun, social networks provide Compuware with an opportunity to let their corporate personality shine through.

Social Media at North Plains Systems

North Plains' social media effort is led by Joshua Duhl, VP Marketing and Product Management...Upon joining NPS in 2009, he jumped into the deep end with social media. Joshua won support from the executive suite and elected to pursue an ad hoc approach to test the social media waters and increase awareness of North Plains and its products. With his past focus on content management solutions, Joshua is intrigued by the management of social content. While NPS does not have a formal social media plan or social media policy, their social media effort is part of their overall marketing strategy. 


Social Media at Taylor O'Brien

Taylor O’Brien’s social media effort is led by Christina Brusendorff, Account Executive.  Christina has a multi-faceted role at TO’B, but has embraced social media as a way to expand market awareness of the company.  As a brand agency, TO’B prioritizes client engagement in its core proposition.   Christina has full support for TO’B’s social efforts from Managing Director, Keith Taylor.


LinkedIn for Competitive Analysis

Gaining insight from key decision makers is valuable when analyzing your market and your position in it.  This case study reflects the use of LinkedIn for leveraging your network to learn more about market trends, competitive positioning and product differentiation.


LinkedIn In for HP Solution Consulting Services

The SCS team facilitates and guides business transformation at telecommunication companies.  They used LinkedIn as a platform to amplify the reputation of the individual consultants while increasing visibility for the overall practice.


LinkedIn for Accelerating Sales

A Voice-over-IP Sales team uses LinkedIn to navigate and gain access to key decision makers at identified accounts.