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Peggy's deep and concrete knowledge of digital media solutions is wonderfully complemented by the depth of her industry relationships and strategic partnerships."

Molly Connolly
Worldwide Industry Marketing Manager
Hewlett-Packard Company

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose MAD

  1. We Understand Technology
    With 25+ years in high tech, MAD Perspectives understands the impact of technology.  We've been checking out emerging technologies for years and love to consider the business application of these solutions. From content management and streaming media to social media, big data and social intelligence, we're excited by the potential.  Not only do we understand technology solutions, we know how to communicate about them in a way that reveals their business value.
  2. Storytelling
    Every company is trying to tell a story.  MAD Perspectives has the ability to tell the right story for the right channel.  We understand the challenges your customers are facing as they seek content to inform and educate them during the decision making process.  We take into account business drivers, industry culture and potential inhibitors to optimize your marketing programs.  
  3. Make the Connection
    MAD Perspectives has been connecting business partners and clients to address business goals for years.  We will help you connect with the partners who can best help you with your challenges.  We will help you assess their capabilities and their ability to fulfill your requirements.  We can help you visualize what is needed for your strategy to be successful.
  4. Strategic Planning
    MAD Perspectives will work with you to align perspectives, prioritize your needs and balance them with existing commitments and investments.  


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