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Consumers Tools Inspiring B2B

Wondering how consumer trends are changing the face of corporate America? Just look at the rise ..


MWC 2015, Where Mobile and Media Collide

The face of Mobile World Congress has changed over the past few years. It's as much mobile techn..


Big Data Loves It When You Get Emotional!

Big Data is not just about dry facts and figures. It's about sentiment. Go ahead, get emotional!..


IBM Report on Social Media and SocialCRM

Do you know what your customers want? IBM has released a study (ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/common/ssi..


3 BIG LinkedIn Benefits for Your Company

Is your company using LinkedIn? Do you have a Company Page? If not, why not? Check out our perspe..


The Resume is Dead (Almost!) - Long Live LinkedIn!

Are you using LinkedIn for professional networking and to augment your online social identity? If n..


Is Your Social Media Plan Balanced?

Jeremiah Owyang's Web Strategy blog post today talks about putting some 'meat' into your social medi..


Watch Your Language!

Language matters! How your communicate with your customers will influence how they perceive you, yo..


Voice of Customer drives Relevance

Do you understand what your customers want and why they want it? You can improve the relevance of y..


The Medium is Still the Message

Remember Marshall McLuhan's famous statement - it is still highly relevant. Check our our perspecti..


Social Media Lessons from the Snow?

It's hard to ignore all the snow that is surrounding us here in the northeast. Maybe there are ..


The New Media Life Cycle

We're attending Awareness Inc.'s webinar "The New Media Life Cycle" today. Can't wait to gain some ..


Influence B2B Buying with Social Media

Can social media drive B2B sales or is really about education and awareness? Check out this week's ..


B2B Social Media - Just More Push Marketing?

B2B marketers continue to adopt and adapt their use of social media platforms. However, are they in..


What's Your New Years Resolution?

Yep, it's that time of year again. Make your resolutions...and stick to them! They really can ..


New Blog: Let your Personality Shine!

Lessons learned from social media - personality counts! Check out our perspective (/_bpost_4353/Let..


New Blog: Building Business Relationships a la Digital Media

Concerned about how to build business relationships in the digital era? Check our perspective (/_bp..


Likes & Dislikes on B2B Use of Video

We love video and support B2B use of video solutions to tell their stories. However, not every ..


Are you Using Online Video?

Is video a part of your communication strategy? Or, are you still trying to figure out how to get s..


Telepresence - Its Time has Come!

Tired for flying across the continent for a one hour meeting? Check out our perspective (/_bpost_43..


New Blog: Video and Enterprise Communication

Is your company using video to communication with customers, employees and/or business partners?..


New Case Study!

We've released a new B2B case study about Compuware's use of social media. Here's a preview (/_bpos..


New Blog: Keeping Up With the Changing Face of Communication

A Citrix sponsored event in NYC, last week, has prompted some thoughts on how communication is chang..


NYXpo - B2B Networking

We'll be attending (not exhibiting) NYXpo at the Jacob Javits Center, in NYC, on October 20th. We'r..


Citrix NYC Expert Symposium

Learn about new dynamics in collaboration and business communication from a suite of experts. For m..


New Blog: Benefits from B2B Communities

We all live and participate in local and online communities. How can your business benefit from par..


MAD Perspectives at CC@

We'll be checking out the technologies at Content & Communications World on October 13th at the ..


B2B Social Media Case Study Available!

We have reached out to colleagues acrossy several industries to gather insights on B2B companies..


New Blog: The Social Web - Empowering Customers

Mobile devices, pervasive video and social technologies are making your customers smarter. In fact,..


New Blog: Broadcast Industry Lessons for Telling Your Corporate Stories

Every company has its stories to tell. What should they consider as they develop content? There ar..


16 (+1) Ways to Use Online Video

Kit Digital (http://http://bit.ly/9gJCDb) has published a white paper published on www.streamingmedi..


Lessons of 3s at IBC2010

How are emerging solutions around 3D and 3 screens at IBC relevant for the enterprise? Chedk out my..


IBC 2010

We are attending the International Broadcaster's Conference in Amsterdam. We're checking out ho..


Introduction to B2B Blogging

Getting started with your company's blog can be daunting. Here are a few tips (/_bpost_4353/Introdu..


New Blog: Does B2B need a new App?

We are on our way to becoming an app friendly world thanks to Apple. Do B2B companies need to b..


New Blog: Overcoming Internal Social Media Hurdles

Are your social media plans facing internal hurdles? Check out my perspective (/_bpost_4353/Ove..


New Blog: Does Your Organizational Structure Inhibit Social Networking?

Do you understand the impact of your organizational structure on your goals for and ability to l..


New Blog: HP, Culture Shock & Social Networks

HP is in the news and not necessarily for the best of reasons. However, this is an opportunity to s..


New Blog: Company Culture and Adoption of Social Networking

Do you think your company culture impacts decision around social networking? Check out my persp..


New Blog: Tips for Incorporating Online Video into Your Communications Strategy

Video is a powerful communication tool. As you consider how to tell your story and share it with yo..


New Blog: Using Digital Asset Management as a Tool for Social Media Brand Consistency

Brands are facing increasing pressure related to consistency of messaging. Check out my thought..


E:Book from Radian 6

If you company culture seems to be "anti-social media" check out Radian6's eBook (http://www.rad..


New Blog: The Social DAM

If CRM is social, why not Digital Asset Management? Check out my perspective (/_bpost_4353/The_Soci..


New Blog: The 4 Ps of Social Media Governance

Are you challenge in proving the value of social media? You need a governance model. Learn about t..


New Blog: 6 Tips for B2B Blogging

B2B companies are jumping into social media and blogging is a great way to get started. Check o..


New Blog: Who's in Charge? Cusotmers or Companies?

The Facebook privacy discussion continues, but it's really about customer influence and company cont..


New Blog: Printing Heads to the Clouds

HP announced its ePrint Center at Internet Week New York on Monday. What does this mean for the fut..


New Blog: Social Media & TV, the next BIG Thing?

TV is arguably the biggest media innovation of the 20th century. Social media is all the rage in th..


E-Marketer Report on B2B Social Media Spending

E-Marketer has just released a new report, "B2B Social Media Marketing Heats Up (http://www.emarkete..


New Literature: 7 Steps for B2B Social Media Success

If you are concerned about how to build a successful, meaningful, social media plan for your bus..


New Blog: Is the Debate about Privacy...or Control?

With all the talk about privacy, what does this mean for businesses? Check out my perspective (/Blo..


New Blog: What's Your Social Identity?

Do you know which social platforms your customers are using? Check out my perspective (/BlogRetriev..


New Blog: Let Your Customers Help You Tell Your Story

Customers play an important role in figuring out how to tell your story. Check out my perspective (..


Event: Streaming Media East

MAD Perspectives will be attending Streaming Media East (http://www.streamingmedia.com/conferences/E..


New Blog: Key Learnings from Marketing Profs B2B Forum 2010

I enjoyed 2 great days learning from real life examples of social media marketing implementation..


Webinar: Enterprise 2.0, The State of the Art

Awareness Inc. (http://www.awarenessinc.com) is hosting a webinar with Andrew McAfee, author of Ent..


MAD Perspectives attending B2B conference

We'll be in Boston May 4-5 learning the latest about social media for B2B. Check out the Market..


New Blog: Enterprise Video

Looking for information on implementing business class video? The Aberdeen Group released a complim..


New Blog: What was Hot (or Not!) at NAB 2010!

Attendance was up at NAB 2010. What was the buzz? What was missing? Check out my perspective (/Bl..


NAB Show, Apr 12-15, Las Vegas

Where Content Comes to Life. From broadcasting to broader-casting®, the NAB Show (http://ww..


New Blog: Media Workflows and Social Media - are they a match

Media media everywhere but can old media and new media create new efficiencies? I'm going to find o..


New Blog: Self Knowledge in Defining Company Strategy

Inspired by Maria Bartiromo's "Ten Laws of Enduring Success", my current blog considers the importan..


The 10 Laws of Enduring Success

Insights from CNBC's Maria Bartiromo tomorrow night at the Samsugn Experience Center at the Time..


New Blog: What is Digital Media? You Use it Every Day!

We all use, access and enjoy digital media every day, yet the term has gotten lost in the shuffle of..


New Blog: Managing through the Digital Transition

Don't be afraid of the shift to all things digital. If the NY Times can adapt, so can you! Check out..


Panel: Sales in the Age of the Internet

Has selling changed as the internet has become an integral part of our lives? Network Network (http:..


New Blog: Can Social Media facilitate Customer Retention?

You've won new customers and want to keep them. You want them to recommend you to others. How can so..


New Blog: Sales and Social Networking

Is social networking friend or foe to the sales process? Check out my perspective (/_bpost_4353/Sale..


Digital Hollywood 2010 Media Summit

Learn about the state of the media industry, emerging trends, new technologies and more at Digital H..


New Blog: Olympic Inspiration

I enjoyed the Winter Olympics immensely. The use of digital media allowed all of us to participate i..


New Blog: Developing a 360º Perspective

Do you have a 360º perspective of your customer and partners? Your communications strategy should in..


New Blog: Yes, you need a Social Media Policy

Forrester Research has created buzz in online communities with its policy regarding analysts and per..


New Blog Post: Organziation Structure and Digital Media

Will digital media solutions change the way your organizational structure functions? Check out my pe..


Economist Series on Social Networking

Check out last week's Economist online. They have a fabulous special report (http://www.economist.co..


New Blog: Aligning your Digital Media Strategy

You've decided you need to figure out how to take advantage of digital media. You're committed to de..


New Blog: Is Video Social?

With all the talk around social media, we assume that video is part of the mix. Check out my perspec..


New Blog: Let's Get Connected!

What's the theme for 2010? In my opinion, connectivity. Check out my perspective (/BlogRetrieve.aspx..


New Blog: Happy New Year!

Find our where I've been for the past month (/_bpost_4353/Happy_New_Year!)..


New Blog: What Inspires You?

How do you stimulate ideas, create new business processes, resolve customer issues? Where does your ..


New Blog: Employee Generated Content

Do you know about Employee Generated Content or EGC? We know about User Generated Content thanks to ..


New Blog: The Enterprise is a Broadcaster

New Blog: When we hear the term broadcast, we tend to think of network and cable operations. However..


New Blog Post: The Five C's

How do the Five C's (/_bpost_4353/The_Five_C's): clarity, connect, confidence, communicate and coura..


New Blog: Cisco on Collaboration

Cisco is promoting a cross company effort to grab its share of the enterprsie collaboration market. ..


New Blog: Finding the Needle in the Haystack

Have you ever had problems finding a key resource at your company? You're not alone, check out my pe..


New Blog: Ford Fiest Movement!

Ford is breaking new ground abandoning traditional outbound marketing in favor of a social revolutio..


MAD Perspecitves heading to Digital Marketing Mixer in Chicago

Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer (http://www.marketingprofs.com/events/8/conference/?adref=TL..


New Blog! Enterprise Social Computing

Enterprise use of social networking platforms is not just theory, companies like Intel are leading t..


Social Media for Service Professionals

Not sure if social media brings value if you are a service professional (i.e., consultant, lawyer, a..


More thoughts on the Real Time Web

The topic of the Real Time Web and where Web 2.0 is the hot topic amongst media and internet pundits..


Twitter and the Realtime Web

The Internet has evolved from a focus on real estate and destinations to an enabler of real time com..


New Blog Post: The New York Times is a Community

While the printed subscribership to the NY Times continues to decline, they have levaraged their com..


New Blog Post: What is Social Media

Do you know what social media is? If not, you're not alone. Read my blog (/BlogRetrieve.aspx?BlogID=..


Cisco to acquire Tandberg

Today, Cisco announced (http://tinyurl.com/yex8ves) it's intent to acquire fellow telepresence provi..


New Blog Post: HP SkyRoom

HP introduces a new video collaboration solution that takes desktop video conferencing to the next l..


New Blog Post: Social Media at IBC

How did vendors at IBC reflect the increasing use of social media within the business. Read my blog:..


New Blog Post: Digital Media at IBC

Read my blog, Digital Media at IBC, on what I hope to see at the International Broadcasting Conferen..


Content Delivery Network Guide

Interested in Content Delivery Networks, check out Contentinople's CDN Guide (http://www.contentinop..


IMS awards Excellence in Enterprise Video Awards

Interactive Media Strategies (IMS) launched the Exceelence in Enterprise Video Awards to recognize o..


What's up at IBC?

IBC is the leading international forum for the electronic media industry, attracting 1,000+ exhibito..


New Blog Post: Don't forget Rich Media

MAD Perspectives focuses on digital media strategies. Of course, the plethora of digital media solut..


Streaming Media Magazine Innovation Series

Streaming Media Magazine has released the latest white paperin its Innovation Series. Check out the ..