Peggy is a smart, no nonsense executive that has the unique ability to clearly breakdown complex business problems and find innovative solutions."

Mark Redwood
Director, Acquity Group

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Who We Are

Peggy Dau
Managing Partner

I love emerging technologies. In particular, I like understanding how the intersection of different technologies and markets creates value. I’ve seen, first hand, how business goals, go-to-market and communications strategies have evolved as market demands have ebbed and flowed. I’m committed to identifying the opportunity, communicating the business value and pursuing uncompromising quality. 

My sweet spot is working with companies introducing new solutions. Large or small, it comes down to storytelling that resonates with customers. 

In my free time, I can be found playing with my dog Whisky - a blend, not a single malt! Or, paddling my Romany sea kayak. There's a lot of water on this planet and I've yet to see all of it.

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