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 Parading Your Corporate Identity

Peggy Dau - Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Welcome to week 5 of our 6 week brand and social media series delivered in cooperation with Taylor OBrien!

Do you recognize this brand?

by:  Christina Brusendorff


So far in this branding and social media series we have discussed and outlined the concept of ‘brand’, brand strategy, social media and the role which social media has within the branding arena as well as given tips on how to approach it.

This penultimate post will focus on tying up the series from a branding perspective as much as is possible - plenty more could be said about the thriving world of branding. However, the aim of this series was to bring a clear and concise initial introduction to branding and social media so it’ll finish by presenting the concept of corporate identity.

Corporate identity is the personality of the business reflecting its culture and values. It’s what makes it individual and at times gives it its competitive edge.

To determine which aspects of the identity to emphasize through the brand, strategically match the business’ strengths with the needs of the market and external environment to discover the business’ unique selling point(s). Assess a business’ current values, its history and heritage as well as its future. Like a person, a business will grow and develop its identity and story.

In most businesses this identity is represented visually, vocally and experientially through the brand – hence why it is sometime termed brand identity. A brand provides you with the tools necessary to communicate this persona whether through tone of voice or engaging designs.

We previously talked about how a brand which is aligned with business strategy drives not just profit and market share but also influences and inspires a company’s work force. It does this by creating a clear vision and identity for the business which is often summarized in what is formally known as brand guidelines.

Such a document will outline what the brand stands for, its vision and identity but more specifically it states the rules about what the brand looks and sounds like. While these documents are important, and crucial to creating a consistent brand persona, corporate or brand identity is more than a simple document.


It is the essence of the business, what makes it individual as well as relatable.


From a communications point of view it is a tool which helps a business tell its story, express its personality and makes it recognizable.

Brands such as OrangeCoca-Cola or Apple are instantly recognizable through their look, feel and tone of voice. All brands should aspire to achieve such a level of recognition and consistency across their touch points and communication channels whether this be offline or online.

From a social media perspective brand consistency, recognition and personality will make a business stand out. The viral nature of this tool also means that great design as well as informative, engaging and entertaining messages will be shared.

Building a strong internal corporate identity through the creation of an inspiring brand will not only lead the business but will also develop and clarify its proposition externally.

Great brands possess a compelling truth, a vibrant identity and a powerful promise.

Do you know yours?